Faith at Work.

This one was on my mind for a while. I am totally revamping my brand after God totally revamped my path, from hairstylist to author, public speaker, blogger, social justice advocate and the Love&BLoved podcast host. No, I had never imaged this is what I would be doing. Although I might have a hint, and if you know me you would too: I talk A LOT. So, it’s a perfectly crafted niche for me. If you’d like to hear my new work or read my book, called “Miraculous: My Journey from Hell to Heaven, I will post the links for them at the bottom. Let me know what you think.

Today I would like to tell you about my bible study experience. 1 Samuel 1:1-28. You can check it out if you don’t know the story, and by the way, you don’t have to be “religious” to appreciate life stories from the bible. Here is sum up of Hannah’s story from this passage. So, this guy has two wives, one is called Hannah. One wife has sons and daughters, but Hannah has no children and “her rival kept provoking her in order to irritate her”. 

As a woman, I can understand how hard we can beat ourselves up, how she must have felt shame, guilt, and condemnation, how painful it must have been seeing others having children… For those beautiful ladies who have struggled or are struggling to conceive right now, I pray for peace and comfort, and know you are loved and never alone. 

As a mother, I understand Hannah and how much she wanted to be a mom. Finally, she gets pregnant and is having a baby and what does she do?  She goes to the temple and says to the priest: “I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.” What?  It takes courage and sacrifice to promise God the baby that she wanted so much. 

I bet her heart was in pain when she dropped her boy off at the temple, and she didn’t know then that God would bless her with more children. But the way she spoke, praising and worshiping God!  She knew; it was her prayer and her promise to God that blessed her with a child. If only she knew who her little boy would become! A Prophet (a person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God), and the last Judge of Israel! He inaugurated (begin or introduce) the monarchy by choosing and anointing Saul and David as kings of Israel!!! WOW!

God always has a plan and purpose. He hears our prayers and always answers. Sometimes it’s yes, sometimes it’s no. On one hand I think: “Why didn’t she have children? Why didn’t God just give her sons? Why did she have to suffer?” On the other hand, knowing God, His nature, and His desire for us, I surrender the fact that I will never understand WHY. But I have faith that everything will work out for the good.   

Hannah did what she said she would do, and she praised God for hearing her prayers and giving her an opportunity to shut out all her enemies’ bullying, and her son would change the history of Israel forever. What an amazing story, from a faithful God to a faithful mother to a faithful son! So powerful.  What do you think? I see faith at work.


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I am Lena Cebula. I am wife and mother of three beautiful children. I am drug addiction and human trafficking survivor. Today I am Christian, social justice advocate, blogger, professional public speaker and host of Love&BLoved Podcast. I am sharing the Good News of God’s love and creating awareness about the reality of human sex trafficking. I am an author of spiritual autobiography called 'Miraculous: my journey from hell to heaven,' you can get it through Amazon Please read and invite others who need to hear stories of forgiveness and second chances. Portion of proceeds goes to Fight4freedom. We fight against sex trafficking and support the work of outreach, education, prevention, awareness and survivor care.